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Quality approach promotional information

The quality of medical information has become a major public health including information on the drug delivered to healthcare professionals.
Our mission is to promote our medicines to healthcare stakeholders through quality communication ensuring the proper use and respect for ethics and regulation.
It is in this context that fits the quality policy of the company in terms of promotional information.
To do this, CHIESI SAS has implemented a quality system that ensures compliance of its practices in the Charter and promotional information repository.
This system is built and managed in project mode, the quality process being conducted by the President Patrice Carayon and Responsible Pharmacist - Béatrice Vicenti. Each requirement of the framework is under the responsibility of a business referent, expert in the field. Thus a multidisciplinary team (Sales, Marketing, Medical, Regulatory, Legal, Business Excellence & Customer Experience, Human Resources, Quality Assurance) which controls and ensures that the organization put in place to guarantee the conformity of our practices the Charter and Certification referential.
In agreement with the Chairman and the Responsible Pharmacist, this team sets annual targets for quality and pilot the approach using various means such as indicators, quality reviews and internal audits.
The quality of our practices promotional information Retail and hospital is certified by an accredited organization since 2008
Beyond compliance with the regulations, this certification highlights our quality spirit and commitment to continuous improvement in the management of patients.