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Our goal is to be recognized as an international, human - sized, research - focused pharmaceutical group to develop and deliver innovative products to improve the health and quality of life of patients.


We maintain our high-quality entrepreneurial team spirit, thanks to our scientific expertise, our collaborative spirit and our taste for challenges to be faced.


Our goal is to combine the compliance with targets with integrity, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.



With its company project, CHIESI S.A.S. wants to assert its image both internally and externally.

Transparency, Customer Service, Integrity, Excellence, Respect for individuals and team spirit are the 6 values at the core of its new corporate culture.

Based on these values, a genuine human resources policy has been decided, open on the development of all employees and the search for excellence.

CHIESI S.A.S. wishes to maintain its staff skill level with regard to the market but also give them the opportunity to develop their professional skills.

In this spirit, annual interviews have been formalized so that everyone can identify their individual contribution to the company goals and express their professional development projects.





The concern for "transparency" means that there is no empire inside or outside of the company. Inside the company, the collaborators work by sharing the information they have. Towards the outside, CHIESI S.A.S. intends to provide the maximum amount of information about its structures, its goals, its way to develop products...



Customer Service


The company must satisfy all its interlocutors.





"Integrity" should be a priority in the pharmaceutical industry more than anywhere else.
It is essential internally for our collaborators.

Externally, it results in the strictest observance of the law which governs public health.





"Search for excellence" means first, to raise awareness among customers toward the efforts provided by every collaborator and secondly to get them to place the company among privileged partners in terms of information and service.



Respect for individuals


At CHIESI S.A.S., collaborators represent a significant intrinsic value.

They must be recognized as fundamental stakeholders and be able to develop within the company.
This requires a more complex but more rewarding management of human resources for everyone.

This value also applies to people outside the company and in particular the patients treated with our medicinal products.



Team spirit


No one in a laboratory may, today, master on their own a pharmaceutical process that has become far too complex.

The various departments must therefore agree and work together.

That is why "team spirit" remains a paramount value today for CHIESI S.A.S.