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As a leading pharmaceutical Laboratory, our legal and ethical practices are at the core of our culture. Compliance with these principles is a duty to patients, healthcare professionals and more widely to all our healthcare partners worldwide. It is also a guarantee of trust and reputation for our Laboratory.


What does Compliance mean at CHIESI?


Act "in compliance with" - or "in line with" - is to place its action in compliance with the provisions specific to the pharmaceutical industry whether they are of legislative or regulatory nature, or whether they are professional, ethical or internal standards.


Fight corruption, prevent conflicts of interest or prevent market abuses are priorities of our Compliance Policy.

We want to lead our activities in full compliance with while respecting our surrounding environment.

More than ten years ago, the CHIESI Group has adopted a Code of Ethics, this code of conduct, applicable in all Group companies and provided to each collaborator, illustrates our broader vision of Compliance.


Beyond the law and regulations that apply to us, internal guidelines on ethics and compliance have been developed to harmonize the enforcement process of the Code of Ethics, and to allow its implementation through common criteria applicable to the entire Group in leading its activities.

Through all these instruments, our mission is to share strong principles in terms of individual and collective behavior such as integrity, discipline, accountability and transparency.