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* More than 7,000 employees
* 31 subsidiaries worldwide
* 3 production sites (France, Italy, Brazil)
* 7 research centers (France, Italy, Suède, UK, USA, Canada, China)
More than 560 people and more than € 480 million invested in R & D in 2023
* € 1,700 million in revenue in 2017


* More than 560 employees (282 people at headquarters and in field force, 28 people in R&D, 212 people at the factory, 94 people at thw NCHO)
* € 200 million in revenue

Respiratory diseases are at the heart of the expertise of the CHIESI laboratory, accounting for nearly 90% of turnover including neonatology with the management of respiratory distress of the newborn.

The Innovair range represents a preponderant share of turnover.

Development of Chiesi increasingly important in Rare Diseases.

At the factory at Chaussée-Saint-Victor,

More than € 22 million in Euros has been invested in a new production line. Grouping 8200 m² of surface including 600 m² room under controlled atmosphere.

Nearly 40 million units will be produced in 2023 and more than 80% of the production will be exported.

€60 million was invested in a second extension in July 2019, allowing the production of powder sprays as well as the creation of more than 150 employees by 2026